Raya Meron English

Introduction Evening Course 2016
20 janvier 2018

My beginner’s course benefitted me a great deal, as I was able to understand the very basics of photography, and practice the homework after each lesson.  Oliver spared no time in sharing his passion for the art of photography with us. The lessons were both informative and fun.  We learnt to photograph portraits, moving images, landscape and street scenes.  We were shown videos about the evolution of photography along with some of the greatest photographers of our times and shared our individual feelings and opinions after each video.  During each lesson, we discussed each other’s homework and welcomed Oliver’s comments and criticism.  I plan to continue Oliver’s courses and will take a series of private lessons before proceeding to the intermediate course in preparation for a historic voyage I will be taking down the Mississippi River later this year.


Oliver O'Hanlon
88 Rue de Saint-Jean
1201 Geneva

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