Krister Ahlberg English

Beginner Course May-June 2016
20 janvier 2018

I had the pleasure of participating in Oliver´s photography course for beginners. The course gave me great knowledge and tools that I can easily apply whenever using my camera. The course was fun and very useful at the same time; Oliver´s approach in teaching photography is motivating since he takes you through important theory through practical examples and entertaining videos. He uses “learning by doing” methodology rather than just lecturing about technical facts. He has an enormous amount of experience in different photography styles and he is very passionate about anything that has to do with photography. Having said that, he gave me very professional feedback on my photos and helped me to understand what was good and what might need improvement. It was very inspiring to learn to understand how basic technical elements like light, framing or shutter speed have such a big impact on a photograph. After the course I started to use my camera much more and it is rewarding to see that I am often happy with the photos I take nowadays!


Oliver O'Hanlon
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