1. Company and Website

www.oliverohanlon.ch is owned by Oliver O’Hanlon Photography, listed at the registry of commerce in Geneva, Switzerland. Registry identification number CH-660-0230013-8.

2. Applicable conditions

The following sale conditions concern all services and products purchased on our website: www.oliverohanlon.ch, and for all courses and workshops offered by Oliver O’Hanlon Photography. The following conditions apply for all customers or participants unless otherwise specified.

3. Personal information

We only keep your first and last name and your e-mail address. We don’t have access to, or keep any information on your payment method or details: the secure Online payment system is provided by a certified service provider: Six Payment Services.

4. Instructor

Oliver O’Hanlon is the instructor for all courses and workshops.

5. Courses location

All courses take place at Atelier Art et Expression, 88 Rue de Saint-Jean, 1201 Genève.

6. Copyright

All texts and photographs on this website www.oliverohanlon.ch are subject to copyright by Oliver O’Hanlon Photography and it is strictly forbidden to copy any text or image. Please note the student photographs (student galleries) are also subject to their own copyright and cannot either be copied: the student’s name is on each image. All texts and photographs in any course material distributed to participants: printed or digital are copyrighted by Oliver O’Hanlon Photography. No copying or sharing Online is authorized.

7. Social media and photos taken during workshops or courses

During workshops or courses the instructor and participants may photograph each other and post their photos Online. If you don’t want others posting photographs that you appear in, please inform the participants and the instructor. If not, we assume this is no problem for you.

8. Newsletter and promotion e-mails

We add your email to our mailing list, these are maximum 3 newsletters per year and maximum 4 promotions (sales) per year. If you don’t wish to receive the newsletters or promotion emails, please inform us or simply unsubscribe when you receive the fist newsletter or promotion: directly on the e-mail, at the bottom, click the “unsubscribe” link.

9. Payment and booking

Your booking is made by purchasing a course or workshop from our website. Once the payment is made you’ll receive an e-mail confirmation with an invoice for your purchase. Payment is made using a debit or credit card via a secure Online payment system. If you’re booking an individual course, please contact us directly for availabilities.

10. Validity

All individual courses and workshops are valid 12 months from date of purchase. For courses or workshops that have set dates your purchase is only valid for those dates.

11.  Cancellation and refunds

Oliver O’Hanlon Photography reimburses participants 100% of their payment only in the case that the instructor cancels the the whole course (5x2h) before it begins. If the instructor cancels the course once it has already begun: the participant is reimbursed for the classes that won’t take place. Refunds take up to 30 days. No refunds are possible if the participant cancels their participation before or during the course, or does not show up on the day.

All gift vouchers are valid 12 months from the date of purchase. No refunds are possible. If the recipient chooses to give their voucher to another person, or sell it to someone else, we give the new recipient the same course or workshop that was originally purchased.

13. Borrowing of equipment

If any equipment is lent to a client, the client is responsible in case of any damage caused to the equipment. The client is also responsible for if they loose any equipment. In case of damage, the full cost of any reparations is paid for by the client. In case of equipment that is stolen, lost or not given back, it is the client’s responsibility to fully reimburse Oliver O’Hanlon Photography for the equipment in question, at the current market rate, within 30 days.

14. Responsibility

Oliver O’Hanlon Photography will not be held responsible should any participant have an accident, suffer an injury during a workshop or course. Oliver O’Hanlon Photography is not responsible for any damage to, or loss of any personnel items that the participant brings to a course or workshop. The participant, client or employer of participant, guarantees they have and maintain, during the period of their course or workshop, a civil liability insurance covering any damage to materials, non-materials, any action resulting in injury to any person: directly or indirectly caused by the participant.

15. Unacceptable behaviour

Oliver O’Hanlon Photography reserves the right to terminate any participant’s course or workshop if they behave in a manor that we judge unacceptable towards other participants or the instructor. The participant in question will be asked to leave the premises or workshop location immediately. No reimbursement will be issued.

16. Postponement for scheduled group courses or workshops

Should the instructor postpone a class, no reimbursement is possible. If a participant cannot attend the new re-scheduled class, the instructor will provide an individual class to this participant at their convenience.

17. Individual course scheduling and availabilities

The instructor and the participant arrange together the scheduling of the 5 classes. Classes can take place in the day or evening in the week or weekend.

18. Individual course re-scheduling

A participant can re-schedule their class up to 24 hours before it starts. If a participant would like to re-schedule less than 24 hours before the class starts, the 2h session in question is forfeited: no re-scheduling is possible or crediting of that class is possible.


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