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I think I have a handle on the basic technical elements: can I join the intermediate course? Or the portrait, street or night & flash workshops?

You can join the intermediate course, or the topic workshops, if you have a basic understanding (more or less) of the following:

• shutter speed & movement
• aperture & depth of field
• manual exposure mode
• camera settings
• basic aesthetics: composition, perspective, geometry
• basic lighting

I’ve been doing photography for a long time, can I take the advanced course?

Yes, if you’ve been taking pictures for a long time, have a good control of your camera and a good understanding of different types of photography (and/or art mediums). We expect you to have a fairly good handling of the following:

• shutter speed and movement
• aperture and depth of field
• manual exposure mode
• camera settings
• aesthetics: composition, perspective, geometry
• lighting and basic flash photography

Of course, if you’ve just completed our intermediate course, or several topic workshops, you can also do the advanced course.

You’ll notice the requirements for the advanced course are similar to the ones for the intermediate – why? The intermediate class focuses on technical subjects you need to learn as well as an introduction to artistic photography – notably photographic style and artistic expression.

The advanced course is about photography itself, as an art form, and not about technical subjects. So actually, there’s no need for a high level of technical competence to take the advanced course. We only spend time on technical matters during review sessions, or when preparing your homework assignments.

The advanced course gives you a wider perspective on the medium including its history and current trends in contemporary photography. You learn about photography within artistic movements, influential photographers who pioneered specific styles – and what those styles are actually about. We cover a range of topics from the conceptual to the abstract to the surreal, just to name a few.

Importantly, you will learn how to produce artistic photography yourself – it’s great fun! The homework assignments, with preparation in class, are based on experimenting with specific styles, and of course your own style. Please check out the course description below.

How do I register and pay for a workshop or class?

Very easy, on the homepage pick the course or workshop you want to register for. Once on the course page description, at the top, you’ll see links with dates to register. Click on the date you want and it will take you to the registration page. Fill out the form and then continue to the checkout/payment page.

You pay for the course when you register Online. After filling out the registration page, continue to the payment / checkout page. We have a a safe online payment system provided by Six Payment which is one of the main payment providers in Switzerland. If you don’t like paying for services on internet websites, no problem. You can make an e-banking transfer directly into our business postal account, using the information below. You can also use this same information to pay at any post office. If you choose to do this, please send us a message, via our contact page telling us you’ve made a payment, for what course and for what date.

Postal account: 17-524981-0
IBAN: CH67 0900 0000 1752 4981 0

I don’t have a camera: can you lend me one for a workshop?

Yes, we can lend you a camera for a one-day workshop – but you must send us a message 4-5 days before the workshop. For the 5 week courses, this is also possible, however, we have quite a few requests so please send us a message well in advance so we can reserve you a camera.

I need to buy a camera: can you give me some advice?

Sure, we have a whole Buying Camera Guide for you to check out here

After checking the guide out, if you need further information, don’t hesitate to call on 078 765 39 23 for more assistance. For this type of inquiry, only phone calls, no e-mails please.

Is it possible for my child to to participate in a course or workshop?

Yes, from 14 years and older. Our courses are for adults, but it’s no problem for teenagers to take part – in fact they often pick up technical elements faster. Of course it will also depend on his / her level – don’t hesitate to call us 078 765 39 23 so we can discuss.

If I get stuck doing my homework can I call you for assistance?

Yes, no problem, you can call Oliver on 078 765 39 23, 7/7 9h-21h, for assistance. If he is not available please leave a message or send a text, and he will call you back. For helping you with technical difficulties, he may need to talk and go through some things so please have your camera with you when you call. If it’s not a technical issue, but you need advice or ideas etc. it is also fine to call. For help with homework, only calls, no e-mails please – it’s a lot faster and easier to sort your issue out by phone.

If it’s bad weather on the date scheduled for my workshop will it be cancelled?

Only in case of extreme weather, freezing cold or strong storm etc. will a workshop be cancelled in advance. We don’t cancel workshops on the basis of the weather forecast. However, after the morning theory session and lunch, which all takes place indoors, if it is consistently raining hard, in this case and only in this case we will take a group decision to either continue or cancel the afternoon shooting session. If the afternoon practical session is cancelled, you can join free of charge another afternoon session, with several date options.

I’m interested in doing a private course with a few friends: is this possible?

Yes, it is possible, we often organize courses or workshops like this. We also can organise a tailor made program for your specific needs. For this, please email Oliver oliver.ohanlon@me.com with your details and he can send you a quote.

Address and public transport access?

Courses take place in Geneva city in the Seujet area, it’s about 5 minute walk from the main railway station.
Atelier Art et Expression
88 Rue de Saint-Jean
1201 Geneva


Oliver O'Hanlon
88 Rue de Saint-Jean
1201 Geneva

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