Introduction to Analog Photography Workshop
CHF 350.-

Starting 31 December 2022 Flexible schedule: weekday or weekend, book your date directly with Oliver

Introduction to analog photography

Nothing replaces film

  • Learn how to value every photograph on your roll of film
  • Experience the beauty and unique characteristics of the analogue medium
  • Discover a new image-making process that improves your photography

Schedule and pricing

  • Theory in the morning and practical photography in the afternoon
  • The workshop is one day 9h30-17h30 week or weekends
  • Book your date directly with Oliver 078-765-39-23
  • Please note: you need to provide your own film and organise processing
  • We can lend you an analog SLR for the workshop
  • Individual workshop CHF 350.-
  • Additional participants CHF 100.- / person


“Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.” This beautiful quote by Peter Adams perfectly captures why film photography is not dead even after decades competing against affordable digital photography solutions. Film photographers will tell you that there’s something special in shooting with an analog camera, a unique connection with every image cultivated from the moment you choose the type of film to loading it into the camera and playing with developing techniques. This bond only gets stronger once the final image is ready and you get to appreciate the intricate details that make it irresistible..

What you will learn

  • Understanding film: silver halide crystals, emulsion, sensitivity, grain, saturation, hue, contrast and latitude
  • Panchromatic (black and white), C-41 (colour negative) and E6 (colour positive)
  • Analogue aesthetics: depth, grain, sharpness, colour, saturation and contrast
  • Photographing on film: learning how to pre-visualise and value every image
  • Exposure and low lighting: digital versus film
  • Image making process: digital versus film
  • Black and white development and push processing
  • Scanning and printing


  • 10h00-12h30: Theory presentations and slideshows
  • 13h00-14h00: Lunch in a local restaurant (not included in workshop price)
  • 14h30-17H30: 4 different shooting locations to cover specific ideas, with briefings and demonstrations
  • 17h30: Finish in Geneva city center
  • A feedback session is included on a weeknight after the workshop has taken place

Workshop Address

  • 4, Esplanade de Pont-Rouge, 1212 Grand Lancy (Geneva city: Etoile / Acacias area)
  • Public transport: tram 15 buses 21, 43, D stop P+R Etoile. Train station: Lancy Pont-Rouge

Student photographs

Here are samples from introduction workshops and courses, including street photographs. You can also check out the intermediate and advanced with this link galleries.

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What are students saying?

I've participated in several of Oliver's photo walks, as well as a couple of his courses, and I recommend both very highly. Oliver is an excellent teacher, and he has a depth and diversity of experiences as a professional, from corporate photography to weddings and events to reportage, and he's able to draw from all of these experiences when giving you personalized advice. He's always able to explain or show you something that will resonate with what you're trying to achieve as a photographer, whether you're a complete novice or a semi-pro. Oliver's easygoing style, as well as his focus on developing your art, rather than just a set of prescribed technical settings to obtain an image, really makes his instruction top-notch.

Steve Antalics Photo Walks & Workshops 2013-2015

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