Beginner Photography Workshop
CHF 350.-

Starting 30 September 2022 Flexible schedule: weekday or weekend, book your date directly with Oliver

Beginner Photography Workshop

Your starting point: one-day intensive workshop

  • Learn photography from a passionate instructor who has a lot of experience
  • Take advantage of a simple and informative teaching approach
  • A one stop experience that will allow you to develop your photography skills

Schedule, location and pricing

  • 7h00 hours: theory and practical
  • Weekday or weekend 10h-17h30: to book directly with Oliver
  • Acacias – Geneva City
  • Individual CHF 350.-
  • Per extra person CHF 100.-


We all have to start somewhere! Created specially for newcomers, including those who need a refresher on the basics, this hands-on intensive workshop covers all technical and practical aspects of shooting for both compact and DSLR cameras. Starting in the morning looking at slideshows with powerpoint presentations, learning theory before heading outside in the afternoon to put it into practice.

What you will learn

  • Camera functions: exposure, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, camera settings
  • Lenses: wide angle, normal, telephoto, vibration, effect of magnification on depth of field
  • Visual effects: movement, camera shake, panning, depth of field, blur, focus point
  • Light: hard sunlight, soft sunlight, overcast, lowlight, window light
  • Composition: perspective, space, balance, geometry, clarity, aesthetics, timing, positioning your body, getting close
  • Photographing people: portraiture, people in situations, reaction, posing, natural, street photography, non-verbal communication
  • Afternoon shooting sessions: setting your camera, portraiture, landscape, architecture, street photography


  • 9h45 tea or coffee
  • 10h00-12h30: Theory presentations and slideshows
  • 13h00-14h00: Lunch in a local restaurant (not included in workshop price)
  • 14h30-15H00: Setting up your camera, shooting in manual exercise
  • 15H-17H30: 4 shooting sessions: portraiture, landscape, architecture, street photography.
  • A review session, with individual feedback, is included at the on a weeknight after the workshop has taken place.

Workshop Address

  • 4, Esplanade de Pont-Rouge, 1212 Grand Lancy (Geneva city: Etoile / Acacias area).
  • Public transport: tram 15 buses 21, 43, D stop P+R Etoile. Train station: Lancy Pont-Rouge.

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What are participants saying?

I joined the Beginner's photography course offered by Mr. Oliver O'Hanlon. It was an intensive day workshop with three hour technical session explaining fundamentals of photography, lighting and efficient technical control of a DSLR followed with 6 hours of intense hands-on experience at multiple outdoor locations with varied natural lighting. My feedback

•    Mr. O'Hanlon is an expert on the science and arts of photography
•    Mr. O'Hanlon has the ability to explain complex technical or artistic items in simple terms with examples from eminent photographers. He not only generates enthusiasm on photography technically, but also challenges us to embark on the arts of photography
•    His technical knowledge is paramount where he personally tuned and adjusted all our cameras with rational explanation
•    Selection of the outdoor locations must have been carefully planned as we covered a large spectrum of lighting. He showed us simple rules which we could use to manage the varied lighting situations.
•    He explained with hands-on demonstration do's and dont's on street photography and portrait.
•    Beauty of the course was that it was very well designed and not prescriptive allowing each of us artistic freedom
As a result of this workshop, which was a birthday gift to me from my wife, I have taken a fascination to photography and have already enrolled for the intermediate course. I am eagerly looking forward to the next course.

Sukrit Bhattacharya Beginner Workshop and Intermediate Evening Class, 2016.

I have taken photography lessons with Oliver and have also participated in photowalks arranged by him. He has a unique fun-filled style to impart knowledge. Earlier I had been a totally automated point-and-shoot photographer; now I have started to take pictures in Manual mode utilising the potential of the camera to improve my pictures. Taking courses with him have definitely improved my photography skills.

Nash'at Nadeem Beginner Workshop and Photo Walks 2015-2016.

Being completely new to photography, Oliver's class was the perfect way to dive into the craft. Oliver is extremely knowledgeable and experienced yet he manages to make the concepts and technical elements understandable to even the most basic of beginners. Beyond that, the workshops were fun and a great way to explore Geneva! I highly recommend participating.

Kali Taylor Beginner one-day workshop 2015

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