Oliver O'Hanlon

Oliver O’Hanlon is a British citizen, born in Geneva in 1977.  He started studying photography in 1994 at age 16 while at boarding school in Southern England. Oliver continued photography at university 1997 to 2001 obtaining a bachelors degree in Photography and Mass Communications from Webster University in Saint Louis, USA. As a humanistic photographer with a journalistic approach, Oliver offers a sensitive vision with an artistic dimension to the subjects that he captures. Oliver is also interested in documenting humanitarian issues and has worked with various NGOs and the UN. He has traveled in Africa, Asia, South Asia, Russia, North and South America on commissions and personal projects. Oliver lives in Geneva where he’s been working as a photographer since 2003. A selected gallery of his work is below – click on the image to see in big and then click right to see the images.You can also check out his website

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Oliver O'Hanlon
88 Rue de Saint-Jean
1201 Geneva

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