One-to-One Photo Lessons

Oliver O'Hanlon teaches individually the advanced photo technics

5 x 2 hours in individual classes – 800fr

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Individual Classes

Each individual course is made of 5 x 2 hour sessions. Highly specialized, one-to-one training, tailor-made to your specific needs. Before the class, I will assess your level and design a course program with you, around your schedule. Focused training is the surefire way to get ahead and to concentrate on particular problems or creative impulses that you may have.

I welcome all levels, from beginner to advanced. Below is a list of topics that are frequently requested, and I am open to all ideas and suggestions. I will also be giving you homework assignments.

  •  Camera functions, shooting modes, exposure, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, depth of field, focal length and perspective, setting your camera for different situations.
  • Light, composition, the decisive moment, portraits, photographing people, landscapes, architecture, street photography, the photo essay, night and flash photography, color photography, setting your camera for special effects, photographic style and artistic expression.
  •  Image quality, achieving best file results, digital file formats, auto focus systems, image style settings, post-production optimization, optimal exposure metering, shooting techniques, editing.
  • History and art movements in photography, trends in contemporary photography, abstract photography, surrealist photography, Constructive Realities and the Flash Aesthetic

Please contact me directly at or 078 765 39 23 so we can start planning your sessions.

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