Night & Flash Photo Workshop

Night Environnement where Oliver O'Hanlon teach how to photograph

Start making original photographs 

  • Learn flash photography, lighting techniques and shooting in low light
  • Discover new styles, unlock your imagination and experiment
  • Experience doing street photography with Oliver on a summer Friday night

Registration and price

  • 5h00 hours of teaching and shooting.
  • Fridays 17h45-23h45. Participants: 3-8 people.
  • Price CHF 180.-

Student Reviews


Shooting at night is the natural second step in learning photography: shadows, darkness, and low light are all essential for creating images full of intensity and mood. This class caters to those who have grasped the basic modes and functions of their camera, and want to roam and experiment. The evening is divided into two parts: first, we meet at my studio for a two-hour session on flash and low light techniques. You’ll be shown many influential and striking images in order to get you inspired for our shoot. We’ll have dinner at a local restaurant. After, we’ll hit the town, flâneur style. Oliver knows the best and hidden places for you to take pictures. We stop twice to practice flash and portraits.

What you will learn

  • Flash photography: flash look, ambiant mix, diffusers, off camera, motion, flash zoom, technical theory
  • Low light photography: fast glass, movement, shake, panning, white balance, contrast, noise
  • Flash and Night Aesthetics: master photographers: photographic style, inspiration and group discussion


  • 17h45: Refreshments at studio
  • 18h00-20h00: Theory presentations and slideshows
  • 20h30-21h30: Dinner (not included in workshop price)
  • 21h45: Our city shooting session: a street photo walk, with two scheduled stops to practice flash and portrait photography
  • 23h45: Finish in Geneva city center

Photo Review

A review session, with individual feedback, is included after the workshop has taken place. The Photo Review date for your workshop is indicated on the registration page.

Gallery below

Photos from a Night & Flash Workshop. Also please view the STUDENT GALLERIES

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