Advanced Photography Course

Your path to perfect pictures

  • Discover a variety of styles and techniques used by master photographers
  • Get in touch with your artistic slide: and learn how to put it into practice
  • Learn what’s trending in contemporary photography

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Registration and price

  • Each photo course is comprised of five two-hour sessions.
  • Tuesdays or Wednesdays 19h-21h. Participants: 3-8 people.
  • Normal price : CHF 400.- . Discount for November Course : CHF 299.-

Register: 8 November – 6 December 2017 

Register: 21 March – 20 April 2018


This advanced course focuses on refining your skills, enhancing your personal style, and elevating your artistic expression. These sessions cover not only higher theory and technique, but also the history of photography, the impact and relevance of photojournalism, reportage, and contemporary photography, and the various forms of art photography. Participants must have a good command of their cameras, or have completed the intermediary course. The course includes presentations to expose you to a range of styles and topics with analysis of aesthetics, equipment, and camera settings used. You’ll learn how to be consistent in your approach and to develop your own range of photographic styles. Homework is assigned, ranging from abstract photography to photo stories. Homework is reviewed in class in the following session, with discussion and feedback.

What you learn

  • Photography within art movements: Dada, Russian Constructivism, Surrealism, Pop Art
  • Contemporary trends in photography: Snap Shot Aesthetic, Constructed Realities, Mixed Media
  • Photography today: social media, commercial, fine art, photojournalism and documentary
  • Developing your photographic style: practical techniques, shooting techniques, exploiting your equipment  content, personal approach, inspiration, visual characteristics, artistic expression
  • Aesthetic theory: abstraction, minimalism, motion, form, lighting, black & white, colour


  • Weeks 2-5: Include a review session of your homework
  • Week 1: Photography within historical art movements, trends in contemporary photography
  • Week 2: Developing your photographic style
  • Week 3: Photography today
  • Week 4: Aesthetic theory
  • Week 5: Portfolio development

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