Intermediate Photography Course

Develop your skills in photography

  • Explore new subjects in photography and put them into practice
  • Experiment with a range of styles and develop your own vision
  • Learn the techniques of master photographers and get inspired

Registration and price

  • Each photo course is comprised of five two-hour sessions.
  • Week nights 19h-21h. Participants: 3-8 people.
  • Price CHF 400.-

Register : 20 February – 20 March 2018

Student Reviews


This five-part course is designed for those who have either completed the introduction course or beginner workshop, or already have the basic fundamentals of photography under their command. In each two-hour session, we’ll focus primarily on elevating the practical and individual quality of your images, while learning new techniques and perspectives. Accompanied with teaching are examples, slideshows, and demonstrations. Homework is assigned, which is essential to your progress. Your results will be analyzed and reviewed during the following lesson.

What you will learn

  • Image quality: digital file types, dynamic range, optimal exposure, auto focus systems, lens quality, lighting, image style settings, post-production options
  • Photographic style: developing your own vision, artistic expression, photo stories, visual characteristics, camera settings
  • Colour photography: white balance & saturation, lighting for colour, interpreting images in colour, banal realities & abstract fantasies
  • Flash photography: introduction to using flash lighting, the flash aesthetic, contrast and shadows, basic flash lighting techniques (direct, diffused, zoom, off camera, multiple flashes), flash look, ambiant light with flash
  • Post-production: Lightroom, Photoshop, JPEG optimisation, developing RAW files, retouching tools


  • Weeks 2-5: Review of homework (each class)
  • Week 1: Image quality and shooting for best file results
  • Week 2: Flash photography
  • Week 3: Photographic style
  • Week 4: Colour photography
  • Week 5: Post-production options and retouching techniques

Participant photos


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