Introduction to Photography Course

Oliver O'Hanlon introduit la photographie à ses étudiants

Learn photography in an inspiring environment

  • Learn all the technical and artistic fundamentals of photography
  • Understand your camera functions and handle settings with ease
  • Unlock your imagination and artistic expression

Registration and price

  • Each photo course is comprised of five two-hour sessions.
  • Week nights 19h-21h. Participants: 3-8 people.
  • Normal Price : CHF 400.- ; Discount for November course: CHF 299.-

Register : 6 November – 4 December 2017

Register : 16 January – 13 February 2018

Student reviews


This course is designed for the beginner who is committed to really learning the basics – including anyone who needs a refresher. This evening course covers all technical and practical aspects of shooting for both compact and DSLR cameras. Just as important as the technical side: artistic expression and your individual approach is a big part of this course. Homework is assigned to complete for the following session during which it will be analyzed and reviewed. Remember: no question is stupid. You are here to learn and develop your skills!

What you will learn

  • Camera functions: exposure, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, shooting modes, camera settings
  • Lenses: wide angle, normal, telephoto, vibration, effect of magnification on depth of field
  • Visual effects: movement, camera shake, panning, depth of field, blur, focus point
  • Lighting: hard sunlight, soft sunlight, overcast, lowlight, window light
  • Composition: perspective, space, balance, geometry, clarity, aesthetics, timing, positioning
  • Photographing people: portraiture, people in situations, reaction, posing, natural, non-verbal communication
  • Street photography: how to start, street portraits, anticipation, decisive moment, non-verbal communication
  • Photographer profiles: short videos each week of influential photographers, followed by a group discussion
  • History of photography: the beginning, Pictorialism, founding pioneers, Straight Photography, documentary
  • Review sessions: each evening course has 4 review sessions for your homework; you benefit from detailed technical and artistic feedback on your work, also with group discussions


  • Review of homework: weeks 2-5 (each class)
  • Week 1: Camera functions and visual effects: learning how to set and operate your camera
  • Week 2: Visual fundamentals for creating photographs
  • Week 3: Portrait photography
  • Week 4: Street photography
  • Week 5: History of photography

Participant photos


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